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Our spa is devoted to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our clients. We hand pick the leading professionals in the industry that believe in our number one goal - to educate our clients on the medicinal benefits of massage and the importance of self care.


Jill Mazur, LMT

Jill Mazur, owner of Relaxation Station, graduated from New York Institute of Massage in 2014. Her passion is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for both our employees, as well as our clients.  In addition to leading our Relaxation Station staff in client care, she also works alongside them as a massage therapist. She is an advocate of self-care, and loves using massage therapy as a tool to improve quality of life.  Treating neck and shoulder tension that leads to headaches is one of her areas of expertise. She is also certified in Cupping Therapy.

Samantha Wojusiak, LMT

Hello! My name is Samantha and I am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. I received my license in 2008 and have been working in the Western New York area for more than 10 years now. My areas of interest within massage include Swedish relaxation massage, massage for back, neck, and shoulders, and work with sciatic issues. I am also educated in prenatal massage (2nd and 3rd trimester), reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and deep tissue techniques. I am excited to continue my adventure with the Relaxation Station family and look forward to seeing you soon!

Melissa Tucker,
Licensed Esthetician

Tina Lembke, LMT

Tina graduated as valedictorian from the New York Institute of Massage in November 2020. She made her career change from insurance agent to massage therapist due to her own experience of stress relief through massage therapy. Her passion to make others feel better despite how stressful life can be is her greatest motivator.  Tina's focus on mindfulness and intentions translate into her sessions with clients. She feels that everyone deserves to relax more than life typically allows and will do her best to provide an escape from whatever is bothering you. Tina loves the sciences and strives to incorporate her knowledge of the connections between the mind, body, and life experiences into her work. Her goals include extensive training in medical massage and to become certified in trauma-informed care.

Gabriel Bermingham, LMT

Gabe Bermingham graduated from New York Institute of Massage as valedictorian in October of 2017. He was inspired to start massage therapy by his passion for helping people and bringing them relief. He prefers a profession where he can physically work with his hands, so massage was a perfect place for him. Gabe has a passion for postural correction and easing general discomfort. His favorite massage technique is prenatal, as there is something special about helping women feel comfortable during such an important but stressful stage of life. He excels while massaging postural muscles: including the neck, shoulders, spine, and lower back. He joined our team in the spring of 2022 and has continued to be a wonderful addition ever since.

Sam Baird, LMT

Beth Colby, LMT

Beth graduated from New York Institute of Massage in 2005, and has been practicing massage therapy for over 15 years! She decided to become a massage therapist out of a compassionate desire to help people, and to make an immediate positive impact on the lives of others. Beth excels at listening to what needs her clients have, and making sure she addresses those needs. Beth has a special interest in pre-natal massage. She knows how pregnancy changes the body in such a short amount of time, and she can help decrease stress and alleviate muscle pain in a safe and comfortable setting. Beth also excels at neck and shoulder work that causes headaches, and lower back/sciatic issues. As Beth continues in her career, she is always looking for opportunities to educate herself on new massage techniques to help her clients!

Amy Clayson, LMT

Keith Jirak, LMT

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